Monday, August 2, 2010

Rainbows - August 2nd 2010

Hi, it's been a while since I've posted.. not that I've stopped taking pictures, but just neglecting this process a bit. This blog is suppose to complement the pictures that I put up on my smugmug site. The idea was that I'd write something about a picture so you, the reader, can better connect with the photo, or at least have some background around the pictures. Every picture has a story and that story should be told.

So here I am posting an entry and linking a photo. The photo today is a rainbow. I knew it was raining - hard - cause I'd gone around and tried to hook up all the drain pipes on the house so that the water wouldn't collect around the foundation and I got pretty wet doing so. The reason that the drain pipes were all disconnected is "kids". That's all I'm going to say about that.

After drying off I was sitting here by my computer updating some software when I noticed through the basement window that the sky was a nice warm yellow hue. I went upstairs and looked out the back door and then out the front. Kids were coming back from their friends. They mentioned that they'd seen rainbows. I grabbed my camera bag and hopped in my car, hoping I wasn't too late. I love rainbows ( and butterflies and wild flowers, but don`t tell anyone, cause I`m a bit worried about how that makes me look ;-)

Driving quickly down McKnight blvd eastbound towards Conrich, there was a partial rainbow on the horizon. Looking back west the sun was about to dip below a cloud bank. If the sun went away, then the rainbow would fade, and I'd have nothing.

I did stop once near a small pond and snapped a few photos, but I wasn't real happy with what I was getting so I hopped back into the car and drove further. I wanted something in the photo besides field and sky then I remembered the windmill on the other side of Conrich.  This is what I got.


This is the only one that I took that includes the power line towers on the left.. I think they're important in the photo because the the rainbow is crashing down on the windmill and they offer some balance. The rainbow was starting to fade by the time I realized that I needed to zoom out a bit and expand the horizon to include them.

If you look closely you might notice that there is a hawk perched on the windmill. I didn`t know this untill after I looked at the pic on my computer. However, after I left here I kept going east to see if there were hawks on the power lines near the road. I found two - not far away. The first flew away before I could snap a photo the second paused long enough for me to try and get some pictures. Doesn`t look like anything turned out but I had fun trying.

Thanks for looking.


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