Monday, December 14, 2020

Taking photos after a weekend of being lazy - December 14, 2020

I wasn't sure about stopping for photos this morning... it'd been a long weekend of just hanging out in the house and I wanted to get out but it was pretty cold out at -14degC. Driving out of downtown after dropping Jen off I turned at the zoo turnoff and parked in Bridgeland close to Edmonton trail.. I made my way over towards the river and there was Ice floating on the reflective water.. I took a few shots as the sunrise intensified.

In the east the sun was burning the clouds but it wasn't quite reaching over towards where I was.. I swapped lenses and turned my camera the other way.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.. - December 9, 2020

After dropping Jen off, I hummed and hawed about taking photos (this seems to be a common occurrence.. but I will say, deciding to go and take photos always works out, whereas deciding to "just dive home and sit on my ass" does not work out photographically.. but my ass does get a good sitting on.

So I parked and started walking over towards the peace bridge.. I brought my tripod along just for kicks.. and also because it was still a little bit dark out.. the tripod might come in handy for longer shutter speeds.

As I got towards the Peace bridge it started to snow a little bit.. you can't see it below but it exists in other photos that I took. The shot below was after waiting a while for something to happen once I decided on the composition.. indeed, I had set the 20s delay and walked into the frame myself so there would be a human element to the shot.. fortunately the bikers showed up and I don't have to post a "selfie".

I explored the bridge looking for new and innovative photos to take.. 

Monday, December 7, 2020

A quick view - December 7, 2020

Today is Jen's birthday.. I'd made reservations for dinner at 5:30 and had to pick up Jen from work. Clare worked at 4:30 so after dropping her off at 4, I still had a little bit of time. The sun sets early and driving along I saw some pretty light coming out of downtown.. I made my way to a lookout above Bridgeland and took a few photos of the setting sun.

I wasn't there long before it was time to leave.. it was a short session but still I was able to come away with a beautiful capture.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Chamber of secrets - December 6, 2020

I was driving Clare to work along 16th ave.. we were stopped at a red-light as so often happens when driving around the city.. I swear, some days I stop at every-single-light, and tbh, if I notice what's going on, it drives me completely nuts.. for example: when driving along Barlow trail this morning (this morning being today, the day that I'm typing this up, not today, the date of the blog.. ) I was stopped at a light, it turned green so I started driving and as I approached the next light it turned red - for no reason. There wasn't any traffic, there were no car's waiting to criss-cross Barlow trail, it just turned red. OMG I hate that..

Anyway.. I was sitting at a light and looked towards my left and noticed the sun was directly behind the bus shelter and the light was AMAZING!  I quickly reached around to the back seat for my camera and fumbled to get a shot before the light turned.. I felt lucky to get the shot below as frantic as it was.. I think it's everything I've always wanted out of a bus shelter since the city started putting these glass boxes in.

For context, the city upgraded these bus shelters a few years ago (!?).. and I've been eyeballing them ever since waiting for the opportune tine to get a photo.. I've been watching and waiting on a few spots and all of a sudden, this was it.. the two dudes standing to the right are just perfect.. I was so happy I got this shot.