Friday, October 1, 2010

Elliston Park trees - Sept 12th 2010

The kids were very excited to show me the trees at Elliston park in South East Calgary. They'd been there the day before and had spent time in the trees playing hide and seek and really really wanted to go back. I was thinking I wanted to run to the hills but time constraints and common sense prevailed and we ended up spending a couple of hours at the park.

I walked along the path in a small loop while the kids were in the trees playing. After a while I decided that maybe there was a picture here and sat down on the grass to compose a photo. I liked how the trees were all lined up here and how they led into dark shadows. I tried to enhance the shadows by adjusting the focus to highlight them. The turning leaves added some nice texture. I wasn't sure about the hose, but there it is. The trees are all planted as part of the first BP Birthplace forest. Each of the trees here have a name associated with them.

Thanks for looking.


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