Thursday, May 29, 2014

Storm Clouds - May 29. 2014

Driving home from work there was this massive cloud in the east.. instead of turning towards home I followed it and was able to get a few pictures that I liked. When I first pulled over I spotted a fellow who must have been a storm chaser. His truck had a little antenna with some spinning wind vane things on it and he was taking pics of the storm cloud. I thought that I was in the right place when I saw him there. I drove over to the field that was full of water hoping to get some reflections.

Storm Cell

The cloud was transforming fast.. when I first saw it I was near the zoo on Memorial Drive and it was just starting to billow upwards and had all this incredible texture. It later hit the ceiling and started expanding outwards. I like the way the sunlight is hitting the rain below the cloud in this shot. There is still a lot of detail below the expanding top.

East of the city, the clouds start to get anxious.

I drove around looking for a rainbow to materialize in the rain clouds but wasn't too successful. There were some hints at a rainbow but nothing substantial. The original cloud had expanded and flattened out on top but there was still detail down below.

Storm Clouds

As spring turns into summer, I'm hoping for more spring sky drama - and rainbows.

Thanks for looking.

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