Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jr Boys Volleyball

My sister asked if I'd like to shoot some pictures of my nephew playing volleyball. He's on the Boys Jr. team, and this was the last game of the season before the playoffs start next week.

I said YES!! because I really really like taking pictures. He was playing a home game at the same high school that I went to - too many years ago.

I thought I'd be overwhelmed with memories when I was back inside the building, but it didn't happen. Possibly because I didn't spend enough time in the gymnasium when I went to school or I was just too busy thinking about the photos. I did find that being in that environment made me wish that I'd been more involved when I was that age.

The games were pretty exciting. It was best of five. They got off to a slow start and had lost the first two matches. They were able to win the second two and force a tie-breaker. The scoring in all the games was close. They won the final game 15-12.. Maybe I'll be lucky and they'll ask me shoot some Playoff games too.

Click on the photo to see some more. My challenge was trying to keep the shutter speed up there, I was shooting at 1/200th or 1/250th of a second at F3.2 which put me at an ISO of 1000 or 1250. One day I'll upgrade the camera to something that has a nice clean 1600 or 3200iso to play with, but those cameras are expensive.

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Anonymous said...

Brad these are excellent shots. I love that you want to take pictures of my sons. They are in the playoffs now and I will let you know. Next game is Wednesday. Don't know where. FYI they are charging admission to the games. $4.00 an adult. good grief.