Sunday, November 15, 2009

Went to the Zoo

I like to go to the Zoo and try to take interesting pictures of the plants and animals. I have an annual pass so it's easy to go there and just spend a couple of hours walking around with my camera. The Zoo closes at 6:00pm, but they stop letting people in at 5. I like to go between 3 and 4 because often it's not very busy. Conor and I went today.

I get real excited when I can find some nice light like I found on this flamingo here. We walked into the Destination Africa building and there was this beam of sunlight coming in. He was the just standing there and it didn't last more than five minutes before it all faded away. I love how the light and shadows define the texture of the feathers on his neck.

This and two other flamingos were in the Destination Africa Exhibit where the vulture lives. There were a couple of Zoo staff in the pen feeding the flamingos with pans of a pink liquid, which I guess was some kind of shrimp mixture. Whats cool is that you can see the teeth along the beak of the flamingo that, I'd guess, they use to strain shrimp out of the water.

We walked over to see if the Lions were around. I wasn't really expecting to see them because it was a bit chilly out and I figured that Lions would rather be inside but they were out and moving around. It must have been close to their expected dinner time because they were all pacing along one part of the fence like they were waiting for someone.

Luckly for me, the lone male Lion walked into the light of the setting sun and I was able to get this shot.

Conor and I found this Blue and Yellow Macaw inside the South America building. He was perched up fairly close to the window. I like the bit of rim light along his beak.

The problem with November, is that it starts to get dark by 5, and frankly, there aren't a lot of lights at the Zoo. Either on the grounds or in most of the buildings. It's interesting to walk around in the dark with almost no people around. When the Zoo closes, a voice comes over the loud speaker and they just ask you to leave.

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