Sunday, January 24, 2010

Skating in Crescent Heights.

Conor and I went skating this afternoon.. we drove around a bit looking for a skating rink we passed one in Renfrew and ended up in Crescent Heights.. There was a sign on the gate that said no non-members allowed but there was no one on the ice and the shack was closed up so we geared up and did some skating.

Conor goin for a goal..

We skated for a while then I took a few pics, put the camera away and we shot the puck around for a bit more.. then some guys showed up and Conor wanted to ask them if we could play with them.. I was reluctant to bother them but he was insistent about asking and didn't listen to me.

We ended up playing some pickup hockey with all these guys - it was fun and even though I think I'm OK when I skate around and shoot the puck with Conor I pretty much suck when it comes to playing with real hockey players..

Conor on a breakaway.. 

We had fun though. We skated for a couple of hours in total.. I'll see how stiff I am tomorrow ;-) A few more pics from our adventure are here.

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