Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tigers at the Zoo.

Was called into work around noon today and on the way home I thought I'd stop at the zoo and see how the botanical gardens are shaping up since they re-built them. I was there about a month ago and they had the one main room open and the other dressed up with nothing but poinsettia plants for Christmas. The Christmas room is being re-done and was closed today.

Other than that all I looked at today was the tigers. While I was watching them the sun broke down below the chinook arc and I was getting some nice low winter light.

I watched the tigers pacing the cages for quite a while. I wanted to get a nice dramatic shot using the bright sunlight. I love the warm orange colours on the tigers. After watching them for a while I'm a little bit in awe at how powerful and majestic these animals are. This is one shot that I like..

I was looking for some kind of activity that would give me some unique shots. When I was walking away I looked back and saw that one of them was lying in his hammock with his head thrown back yawning. I guess I wasn't patient enough ;-) I have a few shots to review and any others the I post will be found here.

Thanks for looking

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