Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Colours - October 2nd 2011

Took a short drive on Sunday afternoon to try and capture some fall colours before they disappear. I was hoping to get back to Highway 40 because the trees all looked pretty spectacular on Saturday when Conor and I drove out to King Creek Ridge. I left Calgary and drove west on the 1A towards the mountains.

Without any real destination, I decided to stop at Mt. Yamnuska. I wanted to find a place where there were lots of deciduous trees and at Yamnuska the trail winds through a nice aspen forest before it starts to climb. I kind of thought I would spend a bit of time there then hop on over to Highway 40 and see what else I could find.

This first shot is a bit busy, but I think it works in terms of showing off the colours. I like the reds and browns in this photo.

The leaves have turned

At Yamnuska there is a reasonably short walk to a pretty good viewpoint that overlooks Bow Valley. The trees in the valley were all showing and there was a nice diffused light. A few years ago I saw similar colour at this viewpoint and I`ve been back every fall since and it really hasn't been this nice for a while.

While I was framing up shots there was a man sitting on the rocks playing a harmonica. I tried to move quietly and not to disturb him but he seemed to be lost in his own world which isn't surprising given the surroundings.

Bow Valley

After leaving the lookout I walked through the forest trying to take it all in. The season is fleeting and soon the leaves will be gone and the snow will start to fly.

By the time I left Yamnuska it was staring to get dark so I decided to head back to the city.  Hopefully the leaves last at least one more week.

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