Friday, October 7, 2011

Prairie Creek - October 7, 2011

On Friday afternoon I drove out to Powderface and walked along Prairie Creek. It has been cool and raining all week and I was hopeful that the leaves in the forest were still on the trees and hadn't all been blown off by the wind. There was a light rain when I got to the parking lot. The sky was grey and overcast with almost no wind. I love walking through the forest when it's like this. It's so calm and peaceful.

I`m intrigued when water droplets form on flowers and leaves like little spherical jewels. I really love it when the leaves have turned yellow and are edged in a nice deep red colour. I was fortunate to be standing in a forest with an infinite number of opportunities because everything was wet and yellow and red and orange.


Exploring further along down the trail I found the leaves are still on the trees - for a bit longer anyway.


The beauty of nature is overwhelming sometimes. My passion is to try and capture the moments that move me emotionally. It's almost an obsession really.

More pictures from this day can be found here.

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