Thursday, June 27, 2013

Peace Bridge - June 27, 2013

Parked the car in China town with my bike on the carrier, and rode around to try and find a place on the river to make an interesting picture. Ended up near the peace bridge. I took some shots from the south end into the tunnel of the bridge then made my way across to the north side.

As the sun was setting, I could see that the light was reflecting off of the surface of the water and wanted to make a long exposure to help enhance the light bands reflecting off the buildings.

Peace bridge

The river is still pretty high, but not as high as last Friday when the flooding occurred, but it's still muddy and brown.

I ended up talking to a random fellow for quite a while and missed some of the sunset. By the time we were done the lights on the bridge had come on which would have been a different photo but by then I was ready to move on and spent about 15 minutes on the bike paths looking for more shots. I didn't find any that would have prompted me to stop and get the camera out so I rode back to the car and came home.

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