Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wasootch Peak - June 1, 2013

Climbed up to the summit of Wasootch Peak also known as GR334455. I'm somewhat new to climbing and peak names and so on and I'm not really sure what the GR334455 is other than maybe it's a map name and the name "wasootch peak" is really an unofficial name. I suppose I'll learn some of this over time, but for now it was fun to walk up the side of the mountain and make it to the summit.

The view below is just after passing the tree line looking back along the ascent route. Down below is Highway 40 and the road that leads to Kananaskis village and the Nakiska ski hill.

Above the valley

While I was walking I wore a GoPro on a chest harness and would sometimes take some video. The clip below is just as I climb up to the summit ridge. I thought it was kind of neat and offered a different perspective than just photos.

If your curious, you can see other photo's from this day here

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