Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fullerton Loop - June 10th 2012

I'd gone for a drive on Saturday heading out on the 1A towards Canmore. When I left Calgary it was cloudy but clear. It was raining in Cochrane and by the time I got to Exshaw it was snowing!! So instead of taking any pictures I had lunch in Canmore and drove home. It was frustrating in some respects.

On Sunday I still wanted to make some photos so I left thinking I wouldn't go as far west in case there was still inclement weather. I drove out to Kananaskis west of Bragg Creek. I thought I could hike  Fullerton loop near Allen Bill Pond or Powderface ridge which is further west near Little Elbow. Given that I could see snow on some of the western peaks, I decided on Fullerton.

As I walked along the trail I thought about how I tend to go back to the same places over and over again, which is fine, but what I find is that I often seek out the same photographic locations every time I'm there.

I have a picture from Fullerton Loop that I really like and when I think about walking this trail I think of that picture and I make a point of going back to that spot to see what it looks like. This isn't really a problem  because it could be a different season or different time of day or different lighting and maybe I'll get a better picture. The thing I noticed was that I was missing out on other opportunities because I was bee-lining it to the spot that I already know to see what it looks like.

So, with that thought, I purposely tried to find new vantage points to take photo's from.

I find that I have a a thing for aspen. I really like them. I walked off the path and into the trees here and had to wait a bit because there were a couple of geocachers in the frame. They may actually be in the frame but I would have positioned behind a tree.

Fullerton Loop

I'm not too sure about this next shot. I wish I had added more height to the frame on the upper left. Overall it feels a bit unbalanced to me, something to learn from next time when I`m in the field making photos. For now, I'll say the unbalance is what gives the photo tension.. heh. What I do like is the way the trunks stand out, the soft light on the grass in the middle of the frame and the texture of the leaves.

Fullerton Loop

I sometimes will continue to develop and post pictures in the gallery. If I do you'll be able to find all the shots from today here

Thanks for looking.

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