Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grotto Canyon - June 17, 2012

We went out to Grotto Canyon for a quick walk for Fathers Day. The sky was overcast and cloudy which works out when your trying to photograph in the canyon. There is a nice even light with soft shadows. If it was sunny there would be harsh super bright light on one side and and dark dark shadows on the other. It's not to say either one is better or worse, but you have to adapt to the conditions.

I was hoping for a nice soft light on this trip. I remember rounding a corner and gasping at how incredible the scene looked. I tried to capture the feeling that I was experiencing but I don`t think I was successful. Looking at my images it seems I focused too narrowly, the feeling came from the enormity of the location. I wish I had framed those shots a bit differently, taken in the whole view.

The picture below is another location that comes close to capturing the feeling I was trying to capture. I had tried to shoot this location on the way in but there were some rock climbers who decided that these were the rocks that they wanted to climb. I wasn't quite brave enough to shoot the scene with the climbers in there so I moved on and stopped on my way out of the canyon.

This shot is a composite of two photos, a top and a bottom to make up the whole frame. I really like how it turned out.

In Grotto Canyon

This next shot came out by accident but what I like about it is that its a unique view of the area that I'd shot before from a more conventional location (ie, the ground). I had moved on ahead of the family. We were short for time because of dinner plans and as I walked on alone I found I had to, um, pee. So I was looking for a place to relieve myself and all I could find was a short path that climbed up above the canyon. I ended up exploring this new place when Clare came down the path looking for me. I made some shots of her from this vantage point and I really like how they turned out. She's wearing a bright complementary colour she's place nicely in the frame and helps give context as to the size of the canyon, and it`s not something I`ve shot before.

In Grotto Canyon

I hope I can continue to find new and interesting photos for you to look at. If not, I`ll just continue to enjoy them.

On the way out Jen and Conor were playing around. Jen tripped and fell pretty hard on the path, banging her knee and scraping her right leg quite badly. She embedded rocks into the palm of her left hand. The mountains can be dangerous - a sprained ankle or fall can be devastating if your far from your vehicle. Luckily for us we were close to the parking lot when the accident occurred.. Lucky.

I often continue to develop and post pictures in the gallery. If I do you'll be able to find all the shots from today here

Thanks for looking.

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