Sunday, December 6, 2020

Chamber of secrets - December 6, 2020

I was driving Clare to work along 16th ave.. we were stopped at a red-light as so often happens when driving around the city.. I swear, some days I stop at every-single-light, and tbh, if I notice what's going on, it drives me completely nuts.. for example: when driving along Barlow trail this morning (this morning being today, the day that I'm typing this up, not today, the date of the blog.. ) I was stopped at a light, it turned green so I started driving and as I approached the next light it turned red - for no reason. There wasn't any traffic, there were no car's waiting to criss-cross Barlow trail, it just turned red. OMG I hate that..

Anyway.. I was sitting at a light and looked towards my left and noticed the sun was directly behind the bus shelter and the light was AMAZING!  I quickly reached around to the back seat for my camera and fumbled to get a shot before the light turned.. I felt lucky to get the shot below as frantic as it was.. I think it's everything I've always wanted out of a bus shelter since the city started putting these glass boxes in.

For context, the city upgraded these bus shelters a few years ago (!?).. and I've been eyeballing them ever since waiting for the opportune tine to get a photo.. I've been watching and waiting on a few spots and all of a sudden, this was it.. the two dudes standing to the right are just perfect.. I was so happy I got this shot.

I'd dropped Clare off at the Zoo and there was still a little bit of light. I drove towards Ramsay and found myself up on the hill looking at the city's skyline. 

While watching the sun disappear I noticed the stairs and the lamp post on the hill side and quickly looked around to see if anyone was going to be walking down the stairs.. I felt like I'd found another photo.. I got into position and framed up the shot.. some folks descended the stairs and I got some shots, but reviewing them on the camera, I noticed that the street light was intersecting the horizon line.. I repositioned and waited for someone else to take the stairs.. 

Eventually someone started down but there was another couple walking in the grass in the background.. I decided that I'd have to merge a couple photos so I could post-process and remove the background couple so I kept shooting so that I'd have a set of images that would allow that edit. In the end, I like how this turned out.. it's not another photo of the skyline from Scotsmans hill, but something different and I was able to find a human element.

Thanks for looking.

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