Monday, December 14, 2020

Taking photos after a weekend of being lazy - December 14, 2020

I wasn't sure about stopping for photos this morning... it'd been a long weekend of just hanging out in the house and I wanted to get out but it was pretty cold out at -14degC. Driving out of downtown after dropping Jen off I turned at the zoo turnoff and parked in Bridgeland close to Edmonton trail.. I made my way over towards the river and there was Ice floating on the reflective water.. I took a few shots as the sunrise intensified.

In the east the sun was burning the clouds but it wasn't quite reaching over towards where I was.. I swapped lenses and turned my camera the other way.

I'd seen a few people on the bridge, but given that it's December 14th and quite cold out I naturally had to wait for someone to appear in the frame.. I had missed a couple people, but I saw this fellow crossing the bridge. I framed up my composition and snapped a few shots.. it's not quite in focus but for context it'll do just fine.

I walked along the path making a short circle from Edmonton trail, across the skipping stone bridge and back to reconciliation bridge. For the most part there wasn't much that caught my eye and I was using the excursion as a means of getting the blood flowing and trying to warm up my extremities. As an old person it's always the extremities that go first..  On the bridge, I took a few shots including the one below.. I like how the composition turned out and I liked it even better in monochrome.. if anything, it's the photo that I'm most satisfied with after post processing my shots from today.

While on the bridge I tried to get something that would include the river.. Some pedestrians were crossing the bridge and I tried to use them as elements in the frame.. I tried a few compositions but ended up posting the one below.

After spending some time on the bridge it was time to go.. I'd parked in a time-limited spot and had to get back to the car.. As I got back to the car, a parking patrol vehicle passed me and I double checked to make sure that I was still OK.. I think I was but I thought back to Friday and I'm worried I might get a ticket for parking then walking around the block.. It seems the parking patrol cars now have a big roof mounted rig contained in a Tule like box.. and on Friday I saw one pass by where I was parked.. I guess I'll watch the mail and see what happens.

In the afternoon I drove down to pick up Jen, I was early so I drove around a bit towards the west end of downtown so I could look back with the light.. I happened across a car crash scene and snapped a few shots out the window as I drove by. I'd like to shoot more people but this feels slightly intrusive given the context.. but there's a story here.. I dunno.. maybe it's ok here in my blog, but I don't know if I'll post it to Instagram.

After passing the crash scene, I turned into a lot and parked thinking I'd take some photos towards downtown.. I was in the SW so the setting sun was casting some nice light on the buldings.. As I looked around there was a train approaching from the west.. I took a few shots and when reviewing them later I found a photo where there was some nice sidelight on the Engineers, illuminating their faces.

I left there and as I drove up 11th, I saw this guy and his girl.. he'd taken a photo of some buildings and I ended up taking some photos of him.. my settings were off so most of them were blurry but this one was in focus.. 

As I approached the pickup spot for Jen, I noticed the reflection on the big glass wall and snapped a shot while sitting at a red-light.. I'm sure that that's illegal, so, if anyone asks, I pulled over, parked and then took the shot.. regardless, I liked the light here.. my biggest post-processing issue was setting the rotation, or vertical orientation so that it looked ok. To be honest, it took a long time before I was satisfied with it.. lol.

Overall it was an amazing day of photography.. I sometimes worry that I take and post too many photos, but in the end I see a lot of different things that catch my eye and I photograph them.. if it's too much I'm not really sorry.. There are just too many beautiful things to see and I want to capture it all.. The light comes, changes and go's.. I love the light, I really do.

Thanks for looking.

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