Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.. - December 9, 2020

After dropping Jen off, I hummed and hawed about taking photos (this seems to be a common occurrence.. but I will say, deciding to go and take photos always works out, whereas deciding to "just dive home and sit on my ass" does not work out photographically.. but my ass does get a good sitting on.

So I parked and started walking over towards the peace bridge.. I brought my tripod along just for kicks.. and also because it was still a little bit dark out.. the tripod might come in handy for longer shutter speeds.

As I got towards the Peace bridge it started to snow a little bit.. you can't see it below but it exists in other photos that I took. The shot below was after waiting a while for something to happen once I decided on the composition.. indeed, I had set the 20s delay and walked into the frame myself so there would be a human element to the shot.. fortunately the bikers showed up and I don't have to post a "selfie".

I explored the bridge looking for new and innovative photos to take.. 

Sadly, my imagination lacks substance and all I could come up with is the photo below.. I did like how the light (that was still on btw.. ) was reflecting on the red support structure.. I took a few photos to make sure I'd captured it thoroughly.

I eventually left the Peace bridge and went back to my car.. There didn't seem to be any kind of sunrise light coming but as I drove past the 5th ave bridge I glanced to my right and thought I saw a scene of sorts.. I wasn't sure but while I dove along Memorial dr towards the zoo turnoff I'd decided it was worth a look.. circled back, parked in Bridgeland and started hoofing it towards the scene that I thought existed.

Looking around, I couldn't quite see what I saw when driving past the location.. so I decided I'd just start framing up stuff and would see what came out of it. There was something about the curve of the bridge and the blue/grey colours.. When looking through the captured images I decided the photo below was maybe what caught my eye.. I'm not sure I'm done with this location though.. Often times a scene will catch my eye based on the current lighting situation, which is totally unique from day to day.. 

As I was out and parked for a while, I explored under the bridges on the bike/running paths.. I found a couple compositions that I wanted to try and capture but I also wanted to include a human form.. I waited around for someone to appear. To be honest, there aren't a lot of people around on the bike path at 8:30am in December.. I waited for a while.. I liked the tunnel effect of the photo below and framed up some shots.. eventually a running enthusiast showed up and I had a subject.. I did have to merge two photos to create the one below because in the original photo there were some car's on the roadway and I wanted a simpler composition.

After capturing the runner, I headed back to the car.. later in the day I went downtown to pick up Jen. The sun light in the afternoon was beautiful.. I knew that the sun would be setting quickly and almost decided to just drive home. 

With Jen's blessing, I did stop and quickly looked around for a composition. We drive into Bridgeland and I was headed towards Tom Campbell bluff when I just stopped, got out and took the photo below, moving into a spot that allowed the sun the peak out. I love the colour captured here.. 

Making my way back to the car, I drove towards Tom Campbell hill and parked.. I walked past all the dogs (it's a dog park..) and found a view overlooking the skyline.  The loose clouds were just catching the colour from the setting sun and I took a bunch of photos trying to find a nice composition.. the wide angle lens I had with me was just 35mm (ie, not a zoom lens) so I tried to pick a view that included the 'edge' of the sunset as well as the skyline. In general, I like my buildings to be straight.. if you tilt a lens upwards the bottom horizon starts to curve and buildings and stuff start to warp.. I knew I'd have to live with this.. as much as I didn't like it.. 

In the end, I think it turned out ok.. the sweeping clouds and the curved horizon work out for this photo.. My hands were cold so I made my way back to the car leaving the last bits of the sunset to go unobserved.

Thanks for looking.

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