Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Lights - January 3rd, 2011

Was driving home from work up Center street and turned East on 12th Ave. Drove past Edmonton trail and found myself on 8th Ave. I went in a couple of blocks and stopped on a hillside above Bridgeland.

There is a pretty nice view from here. I took a few of shots of the downtown skyline. I was there just a little bit too late as the sky had started to become quite dark and Bridgland itself is really just a pit of darkness. On this photo, I got car headlights coming up the road on the right.

While I was taking these pictures, there was a car parked a little ways down the street, it got there just after I did. And they sat there the whole time I was shooting. I found it a little curious that they were just sitting there in the car but didn't think too much of it. As I left they pulled forward - I think I had been in their parking space. It looked like parking was a little tight on that street.

As I made my way down 8th ave and into Mayland heights I saw this house on a side street. It was all lit up with Chrismas lights. Being in a photo state of mind, I turned around and stopped again. Playing with the Tilt-Shift lens I was able to make a nice effect with the lights. Anyway, I like it.

Thanks for looking.

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