Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moose - December 31, 2010

Spent new years eve-day mostly driving around. I had intended to go out to Bragg Creek so I could walk in the trees but got sidetracked. I had left the house before noon and thought that if I was going to go to Bragg Creek that I'd want a head lamp - because two times ago when I was there I had to walk out in the dark, and the last time I was there I turned back on the trail because I didn't want to get caught in the dark again. It's a bit spooky walking in the forest in the dark. I also thought that some gloves that flip open and expose your fingertips would be useful too given my recent events with frozen fingers. Bass Pro is relatively close so I went there.

Problem was, when I left the mall I went towards Airdrie instead of back to Stoney trail. I turned onto Big Hill Springs road and went west thinking that I could go to Cochrane and south  to Bragg Creek. When I got to the four way stop at Cochrane, I surprised myself again by turning right and heading West again on the 1A. While I was driving I got a couple of calls from work, and thought that I might have to stop by the office. This soured my mood a little bit, and the sky looked like it was going to be grey and overcast the closer I got to the mountains. I figured hiking around was probably off the cards for today. When I got to Morley I cut over to the Trans-Canada highway. My intent was to go to highway 40 then turn east at Barrier lake and drive along highway 68 past Sibbald pond and back to the Trans-Canada before coming home.  The whole day felt pretty in-decisive.

The 68 is a pretty wide gravel road with little to no traffic as cuts through the foothills. I was driving fairly slow, scanning the roadsides for any sign of wildlife. I thought I should stop and put my long lens on the camera just in case I came across something - then I'd be ready.  Given the terrain I was hoping that I'd see a moose ( true story ) then as a came around a corner, there was a big brown thing over there in the bushes. I stared hard at it trying to make out what it was. I stopped and got the camera out, put on the long lens and used it like a telescope.  It was a moose! How lucky for me.

Here he is.

Happy new year.


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