Friday, January 7, 2011

January Sunset - January 7, 2011

The sunsets are fleeting, an explosion of colour in a colourless world that burn and fade in just a few minutes.  They come early too, it's dark by five this time of year and the cold nights are long.

The picture feels familiar, I have a few - arch of burning cloud lit up from below, bank of clouds churning on the horizon but I'll keep shooting them when I can. It's good for the soul.

Shot this from the car window ( yes, I pulled over ) on Stoney trail near McKnight Blvd.

Thanks for looking.

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Unknown said...

Brad - your pictures are, as always - outstanding. Have been notified quite frequently that there is another one or few to admire and brighten the day. Thanks so much for the inspiration and beauty they give. (As a Mom - I do wish you would consider NOT freezing your body parts - as there won't be many more pics if you lose said parts thro" neglect!!) Love you - Mom.