Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Diamonds and rainbows - March 3rd, 2020

The days are a blur, it's Tuesday already and after spending most the day routing through items and trying to get a little more organized we headed out for horn lessons and some photography time.

After dropping of Conor I drove towards downtown thinking I'd try and get some shots of the parkade entrance on ninth ave. The plus15 people recently built a section connecting Gulf Canada Square and Penn West Plaza and it was done up with a bunch of colorful lights and I thought it might make an interesting subject that I could fill the frame with.

On my way I passed an empty Mercedes dealership lot just off of 9th ave. The outside lot was empty but all the lights were on and they had built some structures to park cars under. I'd seen this spot a few times while driving here and felt like I could find an interesting photo there.


It was a last second decision to stop here and take some photos. Getting into the pullout was a bit rough involving a 180 degree turn but we made it and soon enough I was parking the car and making my way into the lot.

Once again the idea of a composition that I picked up while driving by a location looked pretty dull once I had feet on the ground. I walked around the lot looking for different angles and decided that I liked the idea of the corner of the roof aligned with the yellow line forming a diamond shape surrounded by shadowy skies and light falloff. In the end I was pretty pleased with this photo.

Continuing on to my main objective I found a place to park just across the street from the walkway. At first I took some wide angle photos from across the street. Trying to use the crosswalk as leading lines, avoiding traffic (for a clear view), including traffic (for light streaks) and so on.


I thought I'd move closer to see if I could get a more interesting view. I find that sometimes my photos are pedestrian and I want to explore different angles and push myself to be more creative. As I walked around the scene I realized that the colours were actually changing and that the light display wasn't static.. that was weird. So much for paying attention to the scene! This meant that now I'd be including a 'wait factor' to make sure that I liked the colour scheme of any shot that I'd make.

I perched right up under the walkway and was trying to frame the composition to include the lines on the ground as well as the light above. The angle was a bit tricky because there was a street light pole between me and the tripod. Hugging the pole to work the camera angles I took a couple photos but a hard time looking through the view finder because of the pole. I'd take a photo, review it, adjust, and repeat. I felt I was too close but I couldn't zoom out anymore so I took a step or two back and re-composed and took a photo. I was happy with the composition but not the light, the light had rotated to a block of mostly blue and green I wanted all the colours.. I waited and got ready for the next shot. I remember being excited that it was all coming together when all of a sudden my camera turned off.

The battery had died.

Under the rainbow

While composing this view I took five shots. This posted photo was the third last shot I'd made before the camera died. It had the colour that I was looking for, and I'm pretty happy with it. Who knows if I could have made it better or not.

With no more photos left to take and time running out I packed everything up and left to pick up Conor.

Thanks for looking.

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