Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Wood - March 4, 2020

I was heading downtown on the c-train and waiting for the train at the McKnight-Westwinds station. The platform is covered with this really cool wooden structure. I think I've made a photo here before and I didn't really want to replicate what I'd shot. I took this photo of one of the pillars. Converting it to monochrome helps to bring out the texture in the wood.

steam-punk windmill?

My dad was an accountant and had a couple side clients to his regular job that he did books for. One of the clients was a lumber yard. Baldy's Lumber (?! I was pretty young). Maybe I'm not remembering or I wasn't privy to the information but he ended up with a lot of wood. Maybe that's how he was paid for his accounting work. Cedar mostly.. Our yard was more than half covered in decking, the roof of the house was covered in cedar shingles. The basement was all done up with cedar on the walls, the ceiling.. Dad had a lot of wood working skills. The wood textures here remind me of those days, so long ago.

Thanks for looking.

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