Sunday, March 15, 2020

Photo walk - March 15, 2020

Oh no.. another photo walk, which will likely result in a horrifically large number of posted photos. I'm not sure we can keep up with the processing and uploads that I add to my smugmug site. So to compensate, at the end of this post I'll link back to the smugmug site that will link all the photos that are not featured here.

It's Sunday. It feels like I haven't been out of the house much the last week other than to get groceries or to drive Conor somewhere. I've been following all the panic buying on twitter .. wow.. it's nuts out there. Luckily I was able to grab some groceries last week before it all blew up.

Regardless, it was sunny out for a change.. and cold (-12 degC). After dinner, I decided I'd head out to see about taking some photographs. I left the house around 6:30pm. Sunset would be after 7:30 so I felt I had some time to find some compositions.. I drove towards downtown and while driving I tried to think of different places to go and decided to head towards the Deane house on 9th and see what the light might give. From there I could walk towards downtown.

Elbows deep.
After finding parking on the street I started walking west behind Fort Calgary.  I came across a scene where the light was grazing the snow and creating nice textures.  The view in this photo is quite low, I was scrunched down a snow drift propped up on my elbows trying to get the frame. The sunlight here is actually a reflection off the distant building. The sun was setting on the left side of the frame. I'll be a while before the sunset is that far north..

I crossed the fields behind Fort Calgary and made a hard left towards 9th Ave.. I saw that the sun was getting low and where I was it was blocked by buildings and so on.. I felt that if I wanted any of the light that I'd need to re-position to find it. Almost as soon as I hit 9th ave, I saw some amazing light.. I took many photographs as I continued to walk down the street toward the setting sun.


I'm intrigued by the shape and the structure of the construction site below.. Their building a parking structure there according to the posters. I like the textures created by the blue and white tarps as well as all the scaffolding that seems to be holding up the floors.

I'd stepped partially onto the road to capture this photo.. I was shooting with the 24mm tilt shift lens and had shifted upwards to try and keep the vertical lines.. It can be a tricky lens to shoot with and when I'm shooting buildings I almost always try to manipulate the shift in order to keep everything vertical.

I continued up 9th Ave and ended up at the mirrors.. A public art display, I complied and was able to frame the Calgary Tower in the mirror while capturing other buildings.. because it was a slow, quiet Sunday night, I was able to capture a scene with out any traffic or pedestrians in the frame.


I felt like I saw this photo recently and was copying someone else's work but when you're there, it's the obvious shot..

Moving north, I framed up the Hudson's Bay building and took some shots.. tilting and shifting my lens for artistic results..

Hudson's Bay

A few weeks ago I was in this spot with a different lens and tried to make some photos.. none of them turned out so tonight I was hoping I could capture something that was at least in focus.. I'm not sure I'm happy cutting of the peak of the corner, but the lens was fixed and I couldn't zoom out. so here it is.

I walked down the street and ended up at 7th ave and 1st street. Looking north west I was intrigued by the light from the building.  I took a few photos then the scene below came into view..


I'm not sure why I didn't focus on anything and how it's all blurry but the three people in the scene really make the photo (in my opinion) I post it here because I feel it's a more powerful scene artistically than the technical faults that it has.. I wish I'd shot it better, but here it is.

I continued down 7th and made my way back over towards 9th ave with an idea of getting back to the van so I could head home.  At this point I wasn't too cold, possibly because I was sheltered from the wind but it was getting darker.  As I walked I caught a flicker in my peripheral vision. Looking up, I noticed a softbox in a window. I stopped for a second and realized I wasn't the only one out making photos tonight.

Photo shoot

I will admit I waited to see if anything else would develop from this but nothing was happening so I continued on my way..

Of course I passed the 9th ave underpass.. two of the lanes were closed and I was able to balance my camera on the barriers and shoot at the underpass directly without fear of being run over by traffic.

Underpass.. again!

A couple had started walking underneath so I waited until they were in frame before making a photo.

Further along 9th ave, I came back to the parkade construction site and ended up making a photo of the scaffolding.  I had attached my tripod to my backpack and was wandering around with it.. I probably could have used it in a few situations but I didn't. I used things like light poles and sides-of-buildings to steady my camera for some of the darker shots.  There was nothing to brace against here and I didn't think I could hand-hold the camera so I broke out the tripod.  It's a bit fiddly trying to get the camera pointed just-right but eventually I got it lined up. I like how it turned out.


I was directly across the street from the library and had taken some shots here a few weeks ago but I shot them handheld and was disappointed to find that they were blurry from camera shake. Since I already had the tripod out I thought I'd try again.


From here I made my way back to the van. It felt like the temperature had dropped and I started to shiver a little. I left and drove up Center street and stopped at the Safeway there to see if I could pick up a few groceries and do some of my own panic shopping..  Like what I'd seen on the internet, the toilet paper isles and the pasta isle was empty.. the rest of the store was reasonably well stocked (albeit picked over)  there weren't many people in the store so I felt reasonably safe.. I got a few things and headed out.

I hope you liked the photos.. again, there are probably more photos posted here..

Thanks for looking.

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