Thursday, March 5, 2020

RGB tree - March 5, 2020

Dropped Conor off for his horn lesson, had a few errands to run and drove around for a bit looking for something to photograph. I was largely uninspired not having a preconceived idea this time. I was sort of hoping something would spring up in front of me but for the most part it was a bust. I drove through downtown and everything just looked so inky black.

I'm anticipating that as the days pass and spring returns the evening light will come back and I'll have more opportunities. On the other hand, maybe this is just a stupid excuse to be lazy and not make any photographs.. I'll admit that I did feel kind of lazy.

After killing time I ended up back at the university.. I still had 30 minutes before he'd be out. There's a parkade nearby that has some colourful lights in the stairwell. I've looked at them every time I've driven by and wondered what a photo would look like, so I decided this was it. I stopped and took some shots. Below is the result.

stairwell pixels

Using a telephoto zoom I took a bunch of photos at different shutter speeds so that I could HDR the result in lightroom. I knew that the colours would be way over saturated and blown out if I tried to expose for a single photograph.

One thing that was totally cool was an owl flew by and disappeared into some trees at the edge of the parking lot. When I was done taking photos I drove past the trees to see if I could find it, but alas I did not.

Thanks for looking.

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