Friday, October 30, 2020

McHugh Bluff - October 30, 2020

There was fog along the low areas in the Deerfoot valley as we drove towards downtown. Rounding the corner at Memorial drive we could see a dense fog bank along sections of the Bow river and further west of the downtown core. 

After dropping Jen off for work I decided to stop up at Rotary park and take a few photos as the fog was hanging around.

There was a low hanging cloud over the center street bridge. There was little traffic as I crossed the road and I was able to take a few shots of the tower. The light hadn't quite arrived yet. 

I continued walking west up onto McHugh bluff overlooking the city. The fog above the river below was starting to fade as the sun started to rise. Towards the south west, the sky was starting to pick up some colour.

I took quite a few shots in this direction trying to find the best fit for the composition along the bottom of the frame. I'm quite picky about the edges of my photos and I spent some time trying to include enough of the trees along the bottom of the frame. I liked how this turned out, but then again, I like a lot of my photos.. the problem I was having was that there were enough scenes that I could probably post about ten or more images just from this morning.

I ended up walking along the bluff until I was near 10th street above Kensington where I stopped and decided to head back. I spotted a peregrine falcon on a light pole which was kind of cool. My lens wasn't quite long enough for good photos though. As I started back I discovered my newest favorite tree on the hillside just sitting there soaking up some sunlight. While I was taking some photos a doggo and his lady walked by. I was already composing the shot so I just took a picture as they walked by.

As I slowly made my way back along the ridge I stopped to look at different compositions. In one of them I noticed that in the bottom left corner I could include a small section of trail while capturing the skyline. I thought for sure it'd look better if there was someone on the path when I took the photo so I waited to see if anyone would come along. There's a fork in the path just out of frame here and a few times it looked like someone would be heading towards my photo but they'd take the fork and just keep on walking. I kept waiting and eventually I got what I was looking for. I like it when I can add someone to a photo like this to give it context and scale.

Eventually I made it back to my car and drove home.. I did take more photos than I've linked in this post and if you'd like to see them please click here to go to my smugmug site.

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