Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tom Campbell's Hill - Oct 20, 2020

After dropping Jen off at work I was driving out of downtown and I thought to stop at Tom Campbell's hill which is just above Memorial drive and close to the Zoo. There's a dog park there and a nice view of downtown. After making photos yesterday I wanted to get some shots again today and see if I could pick up on my hobby.

It was busy, so I parked the car up the street a little bit and walked through the entrance. To my immediate right there were some tall grasses and a view of the skyline. I stopped to make a photo, trying to position the head of the Calgary tower between the grasses.

The light was muted but I think the background colours blend well with the foreground. As I moved on I was greeted by one of many friendly doggos that were out for their morning stroll. I decided to head clockwise around the loop on top of the hill and was taken with this view to the east. I loved how the sun was breaking through the clouds and how the snow covered much of the landscape below.

I took a few photos and noticed that there was a moving through the frame. I waited until it was in an opportune spot and clicked again, it's a small detail, but I find I look for those kinds of things when I'm out shooting.

Continuing along the loop I was soon facing west again and framed up some shots in the muted light.

In the foreground, you can see the snow that's covering the rooftops of the buildings. I really like the Calgary skyline and even though I'd been here before and even though the light wasn't great this morning, I'm still glad I made the effort to get out. 

Soon enough, I found myself back at the start and decided to head home. 

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