Sunday, October 25, 2020

On the hunt for Owls - October 25th 2020

It'd been cold and snowy for a few days and on Sunday afternoon I decided to drive out east of the city to see if the snowy owls had arrived yet. I'd looked online at some birding sites to see if anyone else has some intel but my searches came up empty. I looked at my photo library to see when I'd found them before. 

I think it's still pretty early but I was hopeful I might spot something to photograph so off I went. I took this photo while stopped at an intersection out there on the prairie. I kind of like it's simplicity so I've posted it here.

I kept going east on gravel roads and got as far as Highway 21 before swinging north for a bit then heading back on the 563. My recently-installed winter tires were kicking up rocks all over the place. I think some rocks got thrown up into the breaks and something must have gotten stuck in there because my back right tire was making an awful noise.. backing up and going forward didn't seem to dislodge it. 

When I eventually got onto paved roads I didn't notice the sound so I was hopeful that it had fixed itself.

In the end I didn't see any owls. There was a bald eagle in the distance one time and lots of magpies and some smaller birds. I'll have to try again some time.

Thanks for looking.

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