Monday, October 19, 2020

Winter comes again.. October 19, 2020

It's been a cold and un-inviting couple of weeks as October zooms by.. I'm writing this on Oct 19, 2020.. It looks like the last blog post was on April 23 so anything that you read between then and now has been backfilled.. I might do it for certain things or I might not, who knows at this point.

My last hike was a few weeks ago at Gibbon pass in Banff, I then went mountain biking a couple times out at Bragg Creek. I'd hoped to ride a few more times but it snowed, got cold and it's been cold since. 

We had a regular kind of fall this year where it got colourful then cold and now it looks like winter has settled in. In recent years it would get suddenly cold in mid September, snow would fall, all the colour would be sapped out of all the trees leaving dead brown leaves hanging limply on the branches. It'd warm up for a few weeks before the cold came back and there'd be this back and forth of cold/warm until the -30's hit in Nov.

It wasn't like that this year, and for that I'm grateful.. you'll hopefully have read some of the backfilled posts that I have yet to create which will show off all the beautiful colours I saw. 

Back to the current situation, it's been a cold an un-inviting couple of weeks as October seems to be zooming by.. The sky went grey and the snowflakes were falling; adding to the dusting of snow that's been collecting around the city.  It was reported that twitter was showing pretty photos of snowflakes on this cool Sunday morning.. after looking out the window and seeing evidence of the snowfall I scrounged around for my camera. I located my macro lens and a set of extenders and found myself outside trying to find snowflakes to photograph.

I'm still in denial that our summer and lovely fall is truly over.. I was wearing shorts and was spelunking around in bare feet as I wandered around the yard looking for snowflakes to photograph. I found some on the hood of my car and as my body temperature started to fall and the shivers came on. I desperately tried to frame up some photos. The goal was to find a snowflake that was standing in the right position against a compatible background.. after a number of attempts I headed back into the house. My feet were colder than I had thought because they did that achy-breaky-heart thing as warmth started to return to my extremities.  

Of all the photos, I think the one above turned out and so I'm sharing it here.

Thanks for looking.

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