Wednesday, November 25, 2020

St Patrick's Island - November 25, 2020

After dropping Jen off, I drove towards the east village and parked for a few minutes.. somehow I became distracted with my stupid phone and started reading stuff that doesn't' really matter. Once I came to my senses again, I looked up at the sky and tried to determine if there was going to be any colour. I guessed that there might be some so I packed up my backpack/camera and started walking.. I had just under an hour of free parking.

I headed towards the skipping stone bridge, took some shots and kept on walking.. the sun wasn't quite up yet and the colour was still muted.  Once on the bridge, I headed down towards the island.. I could see the sun was starting to crest the horizon. I bobbed along the river's edge looking for a spot to stop and get some photos.. the light was happening!

I'd followed the river's edge for a while, looking for a spot that had calm water (for reflections) and was accessible without committing to walking across sketchy ice-bridges.. I'd gone a ways and found this spot where I could get low to the ground to try and capture the reflections on the river.

I changed lenses a couple times, from the 24-70 zoom to a 24mm tilt shift.. the tilt-shift would let me get vertical buildings.. but 24 is a pretty wide view from where I was so I swapped back to the 24-70 zoom after a couple tries.. the zoom was a little bit more versatile in this situation.. I loved the reflections I was getting.. My main concern was making sure the composition was ok.

After messing around at the rivers edge I walked into the middle of the island.. there's a toboggan hill there and from the "summit" a nice view of downtown.. with the beautiful morning light, I crested the hill and took some photos, first looking towards downtown.. 

Then towards the south.. I was captured by the tree and the light reflections from the building.. 

After leaving the high point I started walking west towards the 'end' of the island.. as I walked, it seemed I could go further and further, walking on exposed stones. As I got towards the end I was worried that the ice would be thin and my next footstep would soak my foot, but that didn't' happen.. the snow/ice seemed to be thick enough or over dry ground.. eventually I stopped and tried to take some photos.

for some reason I decided to sit in the snow and just be there.. I shot towards downtown and later looked back towards the rising sun and saw the scene below.. I waited until someone was on the bridge and snapped some photos. I tried this a few times with different subjects just to be sure I'd gotten something.. It's not obvious, but there are two people walking together in the shot below..

I was running out of parking time so I started to head back to the car.. while I was walking back I also shot this view.... just because, but also because I thought it might make a nice abstract photo.. lol, you'll have to tell me if it's successful.

Thanks for looking.

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