Sunday, November 15, 2020

A race to sunset - November 15, 2020

A few months ago I downloaded an app on my phone that lets me borrow and read library books on my phone (The app is called Libby if you're interested.. seems to work ok, so thumbs up?!). Since then I've read seven different library books.. You can borrow a book for 21 days or sometimes they have a 'quick loan' which is a shorter 7 day loan. I'm not sure of the reasoning for the short loans but it's let me read a couple of different books so I'm ok with it.. So far I've read a few popular fiction books and a couple on mountaineering. It's been fun but like any library book at some point you have to return it and you need to finish it before the deadline because it'll just disappear from your phone when it's due. If it's a popular book there might be a waiting list before you can get it back.

Saturday was spent trying to finish a 7 day book loan that I was about half way through. It was due on Sunday at 12:15pm (based on the time that I'd borrowed it) so I scrambled to finish it because at some point I became invested in the story. I eventually finished the book ( the book was called 'City of Girls') and was feeling that melancholy you get after leaving a place that you'd spent some time in with some (fictional) people that you grew to like.. 

Sunday afternoon, I decided that I was going to go out and see about some photos.. My tossup was between east and looking for snowy owls or maybe to downtown to find the sunset. I choose downtown and the sunset so I drove down and parked in the east village.

I made my way over towards the library and noticed how the setting sun was creating this amazing light inside of the 'tunnel' near the library entrance.. I'd taken a few shots and moved closer until I found the scene below.

Side-light on fire..

The fellow was on his phone pacing up and down the ramp. I took this photo with the handrails in place trying to balance his position and the placement of his shadow.

After leaving the library, I walked up 9th ave thinking I'd eventually head over towards 11th because that's where the sunlight was.. After walking a ways and seeing how the light was playing out I decided I'd try to head towards the river. 

Near Princes Island I took a few photos of the reflected light on the ice. I'm not sure if this photo works or not because of the really dark shadows mid-frame.  What do you think ? TBH, it's not my favorite.

I walked along the north side of the river and as I got closer to Edmonton trail, it was getting darker but I found my muse glowing red between the overpass the the building.  The sky was still pretty bright compared to the ambient but I shot anyway and find that I like the framing.

I'd parked in the east village and and plotted out my route so I could return by crossing the skipping stone bridge. The light was fading and I took some of my last shots by bracing my camera on a light pole. As I was framing up the photo below I saw a pedestrian running along the path. I decided to wait until he was in-frame and took a couple of photos. 

I like how the light below the bridge gives some contrast against the sky with it's hint of orange. From here I made my way back to the car and drove home satisfied with the time spent walking around outside.

Thanks for looking.

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