Monday, November 23, 2020

Unexpected sunset - November 23, 2020

Earlier this morning I waited in the east village to see if the sunrise was going to do anything. The cloud cover was such that there was no pretty light and everything was a dull grey.  So, I drove to the grocery store, got some supplies and went home to pack them all away.  It's been unseasonably warm for November, temperatures today got up to +3degC, the morning clouds burned off and it was a clear, bright day.

I was thinking that I would drive down early to pick up Jen from work and perhaps park somewhere and do a walk about with my camera. Sunset is at 4:39pm so even by 3 it's low and creating some nice sidelight. Somehow time got away from me and I left at the regular time.

On the way home I spotted some nice light near the river and pointed it out, Jen said she wouldn't mind if I stopped somewhere, but I said naw-that's-ok and kept driving. A few minutes later we were driving up Deerfoot trail and it looked like the sun was lining up with downtown.  I said ok-I'll-stop and drove to my newest-favorite-view of downtown in Mayland Heights. I'd "discovered" this view a couple weeks ago and have been back a few times now.

After parking the car, I got out and walked across the small field.. because I'd left the house in a bit of a hurry and I wasn't planning to take photos I just slipped on some crocs (plastic/foam like ouside-slippers with lots of holes that let snow and water in..) I knew my feet would get wet but it'd be ok, I'd take a few photos of the setting sun (it moves pretty fast once it's low on the horizon) then hop back in the car.

The sunlight was beautiful. I expected the skyline to be a silhouette but was happy to see that the camera was able to catch some detail in the foreground. It wasn't long before I watched the sun slip away behind the clouds. I turned back towards the car and noticed that my toes were pretty cold - one of the perks of getting older? you can't stand in snow-in crocs and enjoy a sunset without your toes feeling like they froze solid. Soon, I was back in the car with the heat vents turned on high.

Thanks for looking.

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