Monday, November 2, 2020

Daylight savings time - November 2, 2020

Imagine this.. you've been driving your wife to work downtown every day for who knows how long and you're in the northern hemisphere and every day sunrise is showing up later and later as winter approaches. In October and November, the sun is making its way south and the angle of early morning light is just about perfect as you drive into the downtown core. Almost every day your gasping at how beautiful the morning light is.

For the past month or so sunrise has just been getting better and better and has just started to occur after you drop off your wife off at work.

Then on some random weekend in November, the world (at least the part of the world that you live in) sets the clocks back an hour for daylight-savings-time.. 8am is now 7, 9am is now 8 and the super gorgeous sunrises are TOO EARLY because you're trapped driving along in the middle of morning-rush-hour, or worse still, you haven't even left the house yet!

This morning there was the perfect conditions for a jaw-dropping-once-in-a-while-rare kind of sunrise.. no clouds in the east, some higher clouds above the city all the way out west with views to the mountains. As the day broke, ALL the clouds lit up and bounced glorious reds, then purples, then pinks, then orange (at this point, the freshly snow covered mountains out west are starting to glow with the pinks!) and finally yellows before settling down to just regular bluish daylight. It was completely amazing. Instagram was flooded with photos.

I missed it.. well, I didn't really because I saw it from the car window, but as a photographer, I missed it.

After dropping Jen off I headed off towards the S.E. side of downtown along 11th ave near Victoria park.. The sun was still coming in hot inspite of the loss of colours. There were shaded-high clouds out west which helped create a high-contrast view of the downtown buildings.

Imagine living in that tall skinny building.. (Telus Sky) I think the upper floors are apartments.

My muse..


I drove around a little bit and stopped at a lookout east of Rotary park.. looking back I could see the Center Street Lions through the trees.. the colour tones seemed to line up here.

Finally, as I headed home, the light was just beautiful. I took this photo of the Restaurant sign. I think it's closed now due to Covid but hopefully things will bounce back in the future.. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out in the months and years ahead.

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