Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Fog - November 17, 2020

Looking out the window this morning I could see that they sky was cloudy and that there was low fog amongst the streetlights. This was a good sign because I'd been hoping to get down to the peace bridge after seeing some photos posted on instagram last week. Someone had gotten some nice photos with the sky overcast and snowing. I thought to make similar photos or at least see what I could come up with.

As we drove downtown, it was foggy but as I turned into the core to drop Jen off, the fog seemed to abate.. I was worried that it was all going to evaporate before I had a chance to get some photos.. 

Luckily, after dropping her off and heading towards the river the fog density increased. I parked and walked over towards the peace bridge taking a few photos on the way.. when I came to the entrance I stopped and framed up the shot below. I loved how the internal lights were reflecting off the wet ground and how the pedestrians were moving along the edges.

As I walked across the bridge, I was stopping to take different photos and then all of a sudden at 8:16am, the lights turned off.. I'm guessing their on a timer because with the overcast skies it was still pretty dark.

On the far side of the bridge I thought that I'd be shooting from under the bridge to get that classic peace bridge reflection but with the lights out I decided to opt out. For the photo below I had setup the shot then waited for someone to enter the frame. The lady had passed behind me and then turned to cross the bridge. I tried to look inconspicuous with my camera and tripod all setup like I wasn't waiting for her and fumbled around in my pocket.  I took a few snaps, trying to capture her positioned against the bridge openings.  I really like how the far end of the bridge is blanked out by the fog.

I'd left the peace bridge and made my way over towards the Sunnyside C-Train bridge.. I'd also seen some photos from the upper deck that included the train and the skyline as a background. I was wondering if I could shoot a similar shot but have the skyline blanked out by the fog.. on my way there I spotted this under-bridge location and setup my camera on the tripod and took a bunch of photos between the cars and as people came by. I was shooting at 1/20th of a second so most of the shots with people are blurry but you can still get a sense of them. 

I'd tried a few more positions before moving onto the deck of the walkway. The tunnel view was interesting and had setup my camera on a tripod for photos when this fellow and his dog squeaked by (the bridge is narrow and I was taking up quite a bit of it.)  I shot several photos as they made their way across. In the shot below, the doggo is looking slightly up and I thought that was a fun composition.

On the far side of the bridge, I'd stopped to fame up the look backwards. I noticed that there was someone walking toward me so I waited until they were in position and took a few photos again..

I ended up taking a bunch of photos today, a lot of them are repeats as I waited for people to be in position but if I end up posting any more after this blog post gets uploaded you will be able to see them here.

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